mvg-photo-aYou’d seek the best doctor for your health; best mechanic for your car; best repairman for your house. Wouldn’t you seek the best advisor for your business?

Founded in 2001, GTG Solutions, LLC offers the best advisory expertise and experience you’ll find for small to mid-size businesses.  GTG Solutions has proven itself in the crucible of the business world, featuring a successful track record of delivering the levels of support companies require to achieve success.  GTG Solutions applies an optimal blend of proven methods, practical experience, and savvy expertise to cure business ills and empower success.  We can diagnose your pain and deliver the optimum Rx for your business success.  We deliver:

Relief from Latent Pain – Executive Coaching/Advising

We help executives learn about and apply the principles of sound management and leadership essential to success in today’s environment.  Our expertise is based on real-world experience as well as teaching management, finance, and entrepreneurship in education environments.  We seek to help you cure the latent pain in your business; the pain that keeps you awake at night.

Stimulant for Growth – Access to Capital

We offer more than 20 years of experience in raising private equity capital for early-stage businesses and have direct access to a substantial network of capital sources.  We are especially experienced at positioning businesses for success in obtaining growth capital.  We have supported Mid-Atlantic Angels, LLC in raising $1.4+ million investment in five early-stage enterprises since 2015.

Prescription for the Future – Strategic Business Planning

We share our expertise based upon extensive experience in creating, reviewing, and implementing strategic business plans for successful outcomes.  For example, we led planning and implementation for an under-performing technology services division of a large electronics company leading to 3-1/2-year sales growth from $7.8 to $53.5 million (600+ percent), and we advised the under-performing government segment of a software firm leading to 3-year sales growth from $2.1 to $20 million (1,000+ percent) and doubling of profits.  We also led development and implementation of plans for nonprofits leading to doubling and tripling of membership and revenues over short timeframes.

Elixir for Market Presence – Marketing & Market Research

We offer a successful track record of marketing planning and of performing the primary and secondary market research essential to support of marketing and sales strategies and tactics.  From focus groups to surveys, we ensure market research results that optimally position products and services.

Antidote for Business Blahs – Marketing Communications

We have delivered corporate and product branding, several nation-wide advertising campaigns, full trade show exhibition programs, marketing collaterals, website architecture and content, video story-boarding, and public relations programs using a broad variety of media.  With our partners, we offer social media optimization for today’s fast-paced, visually-stimulated audiences.

Ongoing Therapy – Corporate Boards

We have served successfully on numerous Boards of Directors for corporations and nonprofits, often assuming executive leadership roles.  We are available to serve on boards interested in benefiting from our extensive experience and expertise.

Our Clients Meet or Exceed Their Success Goals – GTG Solutions has helped client firms achieve impressive revenue growth multiples of as much as 10X in short time frames.  We also have helped enterprises take innovative technologies to the marketplace inclusive of multi-modal biometrics, knowledge fusion, energy, cyber security, artificial intelligence, enterprise software, education systems, and video metadata.  Clients have included Verizon, DynCorp, Alion Science & Technology, Leros Technologies, Long and Foster Real Estate, The Treatment and Learning Center, MultiModal ID, Echostorm, Template Software, ePray, and more than four dozen more.  Importantly, we help our clients meet the common – and uncommon – business challenges encountered in an ever-changing world.  Indeed, GTG Solutions does deliver the RX for business.

Leadership – Company president Mark Greathouse draws upon more than 35 years of proven business executive experience and expertise with enterprises serving domestic and international clients in industries such as software, telecommunications, biotech, education, e-commerce, real estate, government contracting, physical and cyber security technologies, and nonprofit.  Greathouse has guided corporate teams through hundreds of decision events concerning optimum application of precious time and money resources.  Greathouse is a managing director with Mid-Atlantic Angels Corporation, a group of accredited investors investing in pre- or early-revenue technology-driven enterprises.  He was a pioneer in the online private equity venture investment industry in the mid-1990s with EDIE Online.  Greathouse is a 1997 graduate of the Washington, DC area’s prestigious Mindshare Program for entrepreneurial executives.  He has served in top leadership roles with several business and community organizations, including the American Marketing Association, the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (MD), The Treatment and Learning Centers, and Boy Scouts of America.  Greathouse serves on the Board of Heart a Cancer Fighter.  Among a host of other activities, he advises with the TEDCO Maryland Entrepreneur Resource List, judges the annual American University Kogod Business Case competition, is a host for the annual DC area High Tech Prayer Breakfast, and held elected office on a local school board.  He spent 8 years teaching finance and entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor of business for a local college.  He holds a B.A. from University of Maryland and M.B.A. from The American University.

 Our Force Multipliers – The Rx Bonus – In addition to our practical experience and proven expertise, GTG Solutions professional services brings a Christian values worldview into the corporate world toward empowering business leaders to succeed and to turn back the rising tide of unethical and immoral business and personal behaviors that threaten business success.  Importantly, we offer access to a broad network of experts across multiple functionalities from organizational dynamics to manufacturing operations.  GTG Solutions also offers its Project Selection Matrix or PROSEM business assessment tool that can optimally align your business toward success.

Our Pricing We work with you to ensure optimum value for your investment in our remedies.

  • Initial consults are pro bono (free!)
  • Monthly retainers are available
  • Hourly rates are negotiated on a job/client basis.

Call Today – Call GTG Solutions, LLC to be diagnosed for your Rx for business pain.  Set a consult with GTG Solutions President Mark Greathouse in which we can discuss performing our dynamic 20-point business assessment and DSI diagnostic toward beginning to lift your business to the next levels of success.  Call us at 240-447-4896.  Email at