As reflected by our new banner, GTG Solutions, LLC is focused on authoring and publishing principled western genre historical fiction.  The company legacy of business success supports its change in business focus from consulting to the publishing world. 

Beginning back in 2001, GTG Solutions enabled businesses and business executives to respond optimally to ever-changing business environments.  We consistently proved ourselves in the crucible of the business world, delivering the solutions that companies required to achieve success.  We pinpointed and analyzed problems, and then applied the optimal blend of proven methods, practical experience, and savvy expertise to empower success.  We specialized in executive coaching, access to capital, business strategic planning, corporate boards, and marketing communications. 

BUT THAT WAS YESTERDAY.  Today, GTG Solutions has leveraged business skills sets and writing expertise to host the hot-selling western genre historical fiction novels of author Mark Greathouse.  GTG Solutions also delivers compelling “Tumbleweed Sagas” YouTube videos and blogs via  We invite visitors to click on “TUMBLEWEED SAGAS” in the NavBar above.

Our business shift having been announced, it’s appropriate to note the parallels between publishing and being an entrepreneur.  It’s summed up as, “Having a great business plan is only the beginning. Its implementation and your ability to respond to often rapidly-changing environments fraught with surprises is critically important to long-term business success.”  Like entrepreneurship, successful publishing requires a product with perceived value in the marketplace coupled with implementation of a business plan for optimal product development, pricing, distribution, and promotion.

TUMBLEWEED SAGAS – Nueces Justice, the first of the “Tumbleweed Sagas,” was released on July 30, 2019 by Defiance Press & Publishing ( in print, audio, and eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other popular outlets, and the publisher.  Nueces Justice  material can be seen on the Goodreads and Amazon author pages.  The Tumbleweed Sagas are a series of exciting western genre novels set in the Texas Nueces Strip of 1856-1862 and feature protagonist Texas Ranger Captain Luke Dunn.  Dunn’s name will be forever etched in the lore of the prairie.  The first sequel of the Tumbleweed Sagas, Nueces Reprise, is scheduled for release by Defiance Press on February 1, 2020 with pre-order beginning in December 2019.

GTG Solutions Leadership Bio – Company president and lead author Mark Greathouse draws upon more than 35 years of proven executive business experience and expertise with enterprises serving domestic and international clients across numerous industries.  Greathouse has guided corporate teams through hundreds of decision events concerning optimum application of precious time and money resources.  Greathouse was the managing director of Mid-Atlantic Angels, LLC, a group of accredited private investors investing in pre- or early-revenue technology-driven enterprises.  He was a pioneer in the online private equity venture investment industry in the late-1990s with New Vision Financial’s EDIE Online marketplace.  Greathouse is a 1997 graduate of the Washington, DC area’s prestigious Mindshare Program for entrepreneurial executives.  He has served in top leadership roles with several business and community organizations.  Greathouse is a member of Western Writers of America, Poetry Society of Texas, Pennsylvania Poetry Society, and local book and poetry groups.  Greathouse is available for book talks, readings, and interviews based on his novels.  He holds a B.A. from University of Maryland and M.B.A. from The American University.

Pricing – Greathouse is available to take on “ghostwriting” engagements and short-term business advisory work aimed at ensuring optimum value for clients.

  • Initial consults are only $150 which is applied toward any contract going forward
  • Monthly retainers are available
  • Hourly rates are negotiated on a job/client basis

Call Today – Call to set a consult with GTG Solutions President Mark Greathouse in which we can discuss your needs toward authoring that book you’ve always dreamed of writing or lifting your business to the next levels of success.  Call at 240-447-4896.  Email at