Benefit from Our Experience & Expertise – GTG Solutions, LLC provides business professional services, including strategic planning, business advisory services, marketing communications, financing strategies, motivational speaking, and executive entrepreneurial coaching.  We are affiliated with Strategic Capital Partners, LLC, a successful resource connecting emerging growth technology ventures with private equity capital.  GTG Solutions president Mark Greathouse is also a managing director with Mid-Atlantic Angels Corporation, a group of accredited investors investing in pre or early revenue enterprises.  GTG Solutions applies an optimal blend of proven methods, practical experience, and savvy expertise to empower your success.  Greathouse draws upon nearly 50 years of business experience and expertise (30 years at executive-levels) with enterprises serving domestic and international clients in industries such as software, telecommunications, biotech, education, e-commerce, real estate, government contracting, physical and cyber security technologies, and nonprofit.  He holds a B.A. from University of Maryland and M.B.A. from The American University.

GTG Solutions has helped its established client firms achieve impressive revenue growth multiples of as much as 10X in short timeframes.  We also have helped enterprises take innovative technologies to the marketplace inclusive of multi-modal biometrics, knowledge fusion, energy, cyber security, artificial intelligence, biosimilars, probiotics, education systems, and video metadata.  Clients have included Verizon, DynCorp, Alion Science & Technology, Leros Technologies, Long and Foster Real Estate, MultiModalID, Echostorm, Template Software, ePray, Triea Technologies, BioFactura, and more than four dozen more.

Think – We’ve found some common questions that plague most businesses.  Think on these:
What business concerns keep you from a restful night’s sleep?
What are your most pressing “pain points” and are you fully addressing them?
What product benefit truly sets you apart and are you fully leveraging it?
Are employees optimally motivated for top performance and a strong work ethic?
Do your executives apply solid leadership skills?
Are your employees looking out more for themselves than for your firm?
What is your roadmap for success and what’s the measure of that success?

Our Force Multipliers – In addition to our practical experience and proven expertise, GTG Solutions professional services brings a Christian values worldview into the corporate world toward empowering business leaders to succeed and to turn back the rising tide of unethical and immoral business and personal behaviors that threaten business success.  We offer access to a broad network of experts. GTG Solutions also offers its Project Selection Matrix or PROSEM business assessment tool that can optimally align your business toward success.

Our Pricing – We work with you to ensure optimum value for your investment in GTG Solutions.
Initial consults are pro bono (free!)
Monthly retainers are available at $1,400 per day
Hourly rates are negotiated on a job/client basis.

Call Today – Call GTG Solutions, LLC to discuss how we can empower your business.  Set a consult with GTG Solutions President Mark Greathouse in which we can discuss performing our dynamic 20-point assessment toward lifting your business to the next levels of success.  Call us at 240-447-4896.